Chipotle POI file error



while loading poi files today.. i get a message saying that there is a line 45 error, everything before will load but anything after that wont.

i dont kno if its jus me but i just thought i'd let somebody know.

Contact Mahoney

Contact Mahoney, the maintainer for that POI file.

Chipotle File error

I just reloaded the Chipotle file on my garmin 7200 without any problems. Are you still having problems with the file?


hey mahoney.

here is exactly what it says.

"There is a data format error on line 45 of file C:DocumentsandSetting/blah/blah/desktop/POI/Chipotle-FL.csv. The data earlier in the file will be written, but no more data can be written from this file.

i have a nuvi 200w and tried loading to sd card and unit itself.

idk. maybe its only me?

chipotle error

I noticed that you are referring to the chipotle florida file. There are only 37 locations in florida. If your unit shows 37 locations, you have the complete florida file and you can forget the message.
If you want more locations, consider the Chipotle USA file. Let me know if this answered your question.


hey. yea there's 37.