downloading poi files to magellan 4050


New to this GPS stuff. I need real simple step by step instructions on how to download a file, such as the Cracker Barrel resturant file to my Magellan..Thanks

The search box is your friend! wrote:

I need real simple step by step instructions

I think that information is already here; might even be a Magellan FAQ.

For starters, you need the POI Editor software that probably came with your unit on a CD.

Second, you probably want to get an SD card to hold your "stuff".

It can be somewhat easier if you have a memory card slot on your computer.

Search a bit and get back to us.

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Checking on Downloads

Ok, I followed the directions on the website and Magellan and downloaded (I think) the Cracker Barrel POI. How can I confirm that it is on the Magellan and activated?