Contributors of the week 2008-06-23


This week we are recognizing Aap71, Jpsinnet and Davidwynyard

Aap71, You have been spending time improving the Washington DC Metro Area Project area. You are doing a great job, keep up the great work.
Here are the files that are new for the list, you also updated quite a few that we already had.
Washington DC 150 Museums List
Top 100 DC Restaurants 2008
Washington DC: Nice Restaurants Downtown

Jpsinnet, You put up some really fun files this week, thanks for contributing those great family fun tourist attractions.
Here are the files that you made for us this week:
Epcot POI
DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Lighthouses in Southern Africa
Kruger National Park POI

Davidwynyard, Yes I am going to make you blush publicly. I think you are a fine example of what we all love to see in our community. A total gentleman that shows respect to all and is very helpful. You have become much more active on the site this week and it makes me happy to see your posts pop up. It is a genuine pleasure to have you as a member of our POI Factory family.

I have been trying really hard to keep up with all the work that has been flooding in.
I am really sorry if your icons or sounds that you have submitted in the last week or two have not made it to the library or the POI File page it goes on.
I will be working hard this week to get caught up on those.

The Newsweek article is hitting the news stands today so we will see another batch of new members over the next week or two.

Great Job this week everyone!!!

Miss POI

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Wow, early post. Congrats

Wow, early post.

Congrats to Aap71, Jpsinnet and Davidwynyard and their contributions to this site.

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Great jobs... cool

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Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work.

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congrats smile


Yes I second that, Congrats to all it is work to put good poi files together and keep them updated.
Good work

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Contributors of the week 06-23-08

Congrats to the 3 of you and thanks for a job well done

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Good job to all of you guys


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Great job, you guys deserve

Great job, you guys deserve it!!!



Thanks for all your contributions. You help make this website great!

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How could we do without you three?
we couldn't.


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Congratulations to all!

Thanks for taking the time to share with us all. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and make our GPS units that more helpful

Miss POI, you also deserve a heart felt thanks for all your hard work keeping this site rolling.


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FREDL wrote:

Miss POI, you also deserve a heart felt thanks for all your hard work keeping this site rolling.


Thanks, I really enjoy all of the benefits of this community. I am a people person that is happiest when I am surrounded by people.

You guys really enrich my life on so many different levels.

Not every on is as lucky as I am, I have a job that I love.

Miss POI


Congratulations everyone. Another great week of POI's!

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Congrads To All Aap71, Jpsinnet and Davidwynyard
Keep Up the Good Work smile

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Congrats all!

Congrats all!

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