uploading poi files


I'm doing some programming for the site that will add a file upload section, where you can share POI files you've created.

My coding skills are a little rusty, so the initial functionality will be pretty basic smile

I hope to have it ready for next week.


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my brain is tired :)

I spent the better part of the day reading technical documentaton for the web site platform that runs POI Factory. Right now, my brain feels pretty full, but I think I've absorbed enough to start building the new upload module tomorrow.

Raybonz sent me a file with Lowes & Home Depot locations in MA and RI. It will be perfect for testing out the new module. Thanks Ray!



Hey JM,
Take your time Rome wasn't built in a day! I was wondering what happened to that file lol.. Lemme know if I can help..


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web form partly complete

I made some progress yesterday with building a web form to view and edit uploads. I still need to write the code to store and retrieve the information in a database. I hope to find some time to work on it this weekend between chores and errands.

After I've made it past the learning curve on this first project, I should be able to create a lot of neat things for the POI Factory site. Miss poi and I are getting pretty excited about what what this place might look like a few months from now.



I had time to do more programming this evening. The module is now able to read/write from the database. Yea!

I still need to add routines to manage file uploads, storage and retrieval. That will need to wait for tomorrow.

We're on track to go live with it later this week.


file uploads

Hey Jon way to go!


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file handling

I made a lot of progress with coding today. File transfer and storage processes are mostly working but still have a few bugs. Once they're squashed, I can move on to adding code to block potential hackers and then to cleaning up the user interface.


these bugs must be roaches

Well, I didn't move very far from where I left off last night. I'm having a tough time with one of the bugs, and documentation for this part of the web platform is a little thin. I might end up needing to read parts of the platform's source code to figure this one out.

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Hang in there John You can

Hang in there John You can do it!


So, how's the upload section

So, how's the upload section coming along?

I think I have a Nashville POI csv file ready for you.

It has 25 Points of Interest and I may add more later.

I may try to test it out this weekend...???

Also, would it be good to kinda sort it in tour order? or just leave it and let the user sort how they want?

This stuff is sooooo much fun!. Kinda easy to, once ya get the hang of it.

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fun stuff

Nashville POIs -- nice!

The order inside the POI file doesn't matter because the GPS will automatically show what's closest to your current location.

Upload section is getting close. The bug I ran into a couple days ago was pretty difficult to resolve, but I got past it today. If I don't get too tired, I'll keep working at it this evening until it's good enough to release.


Nashville POI is up...

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