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Hi ... I violated the prime directive (if it ain't broke don't fix it) today and tried to update my new Nuvi 205 using the dreaded Webupdater. Well, I now have a "system software missing" message and cannot reboot/reset or turn the device off. Suggestions? I THINK reverting to version 2.7 would help BUT cannot find anything that I can load without the Webupdater.

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A couple of things you can

A couple of things you can d/l the executable from Gamin's site and try to install it, or check out this site for prior versions of the software.

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No Prior Version

Thanks Nick BUT the version that was on the device was 2.7 and the Updater tried to update it to 2.8.

Since the 205 is new, I cannot tell from either Perry's pahge or Garmin which porior version might be acceptable.


SteveEC wrote:

Hi ... I violated the prime directive (if it ain't broke don't fix it)

If you updated without a backup, you violated two. I don't think Perry has anything for the 205.

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Quoted from Jakas, which he

Quoted from Jakas, which he quoted from another post.

jakas wrote:

Here's the info that was posted in another form for the "System Software Missing" problem ..

1. Power off the unit.

2. HOLD down the power button and you will see "Pre Boot Mode" appear on the lower part of the display. KEEP HOLDING the power button down and the display will flicker, do this until the pre boot mode message disappears. This seems to take a long time (60 seconds at least).

3. Once the pre boot mode message disappears release the power button and your device will perform some activites to recover from the above problem.

If all else fails, you could always contact Garmin for a new one.

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Won't Reset

I appreciate the thought about the reset. The 205's power switch slides but I slide it to the on popsition and held it in place for > 3 minutes. While the display flickered, it returned to the "System Software Missing" screen and wouldn't reboot. The 205 also has a reset button at the bottom of the unit but that merely turns the unit off.

Darndest thing. Frankly I attribute the problem to the updater; seems to be the cause for a lot of problems reported in the blogs. exclaim

Just a shot

According to your manual it says to hold finger on bottom right hand side of screen while turning the unit on.Keep finger down until pop up screen appears and touch yes to clear all data and all orginial settings will be restored.Page 13.

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Can you believe the manual?

Thanks for the thought Charlie. The only thing that happens when I follow the directions on Page 13 is that the unit turns off. What I'm starting to realize is that while the product may be very nice, the software update process certainly isn't trustworthy. The number of updater problems I've read about over the past several days makes me believe Garmin has a lot of returns in the works.


Have you checked the Garmin Website for known issues/fixes

They keep a relatively good FAQ section their and you may find your problem/solution has been visited before.

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I had the same problem...

Steve, how did you solve the problem? Today during Registration of my Garmin Nuvi 205, something happended and now my GPS says "System Software Missing". It does't works and I can not to reset o restart it.


Call Garmin

Ed Gee wrote:

Steve, how did you solve the problem?

While "online" updates might be convenient, they are inherently DANGEROUS.

It seems that there are a multitude of different things that can happen during one that will render your GPS worthless. Thankfully Garmin is aware and makes things right but it is a MAJOR hassle.

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The Garmin 205 is like a

The Garmin 205 is like a "mass storage device". You can see the files in a file manager. Some files are hidden. You will have to configure your file manager and operating system to be able to "see" hidden files.

Just replace the files from your backup.
You DID make a backup, right?
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old firmware

where can i get the old firmware for garmin nuvi 205 model...tx


Call Garmin customer support.

How old?

davidsyscom wrote:

where can i get the old firmware for garmin nuvi 205 model...tx

Which version do you want? Current is 7.60, which is available at Garmin's website.

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