Googl map strange behavior


i downloded the latest communicator plug in .

i log in to my google account from my favorites and see My places .
i try to send to my nuvi 760 which is connected to my usb and when i try to send to my GPS - the only option i see is e-mail

now when enter an address on the search bar for the same address & press send to , i get the GPS function to show. in other words, any new searches gives me the option to send to GPS , but not from my saved addresses

any clues ?

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

One at a time

Since Google does not support sending routes to your Nuvi, they have the Send To function disabled on that screen.

Gmap to GPX

Go to

and follow the instructions to install the bookmarklet.

It launches a javascript that generates a GPX file with ALL the visible places listed in your gmap "results tab", either my places in a custom map or results from a search.

For example, I did a search on the name of a store chain and got 1-20 of 198 results on the first screen. Clicked on the bookmark, copy pasted the output text. Went back to the map, next, click. (Rinse and repeat) In under 15 minutes, I had a gpx with all the stores in the city.

I'm still working on it, validating against the coprporate website and checking the accuracy of the data, but once I'm done I'll upload the file.

BTW, the page was linked from the site.