Free Map Updates


Hello to all. I am new here so, thank you for the add to what I am finding to be a wonderful group for extras for my Garmin nuvi 250W. Over the last couple of days, I have read numerous topics about whether you get an update {Newest Maps} or not from Garmin. Here is my story. I bought my Nuvi 250W from TigerDirect about a week ago. When I received it at my office, I went to Garmins website to register the product. While I was trying to get there software installed, I saw a message that I was entitled to the latest Maps Update.
For some reason I could not get the required software from Garmin to install. So, I took my 250W home and installed the software there on my home computer and was able to register the product. When I went to get my "free map update", it had now stated that the update would cost $69.95. When I called Garmin support, I explained everything to "Robbie" who advised that there was no way he was going to make me pay for that update. He asked if I had a receipt to show that I just bought the 250W, which I did. He asked me to Email it to him. Once he received it by email, he took my address and sent me out the Update DVD with the unlock codes. I should receive them in the next couple of days. I hope I did not ramble on to much here but, I did want everyone to know that Garmin was very helpful to me. I hope this helps someone else. Hopefully this is not a Violation of the forum rules. Thanks Again. Coop


I JUST received my new Nuvi 680. I will register it when I get home tonight, hope I qualify for a map update as well. smile Thanks for the info.

The map update...

When I called Garmin, they told me that if you bought any Garmin GPS after March 1st of this year and it does not have the 2009 maps, then you will get them free. If you bought them the day before March 1st, then you will pay the $69 for them. At least I think it was March 1st....It might of been April 1st but I am pretty sure it was March 1st which is no consequence to me since I got mine in Feb.... crying