Help a Dumb "Ol Newb! NUVI 760


Morning everyone. Registered my new 760 last night. Should the Garmin "My Maps" page spell out that I am eligible for the 09 update; do I wait for an email; etc?
Below is what My Maps currently shows. Thank you.

Available map updates for this device:

City Navigator® North America NT 2009 Map Update Buy Disk Buy Download


Maps installed on this device:

City Navigator North America NT 2008 Deluxe Unlock
Region: City Navigator North America NT 2008, Deluxe All Regions, Apr 07
Code: 4&**(%26
Unlock Code: 5%^((&%$$()_$%@#$%#UGS
Date Unlocked: Jun 25, 2008

Some numbers/values have been changed of course.
Does Date Unlocked indicate first sat acquisition?

I always suggest for the

I always suggest for the customer to initiate contact with Garmin. There is no guarantee they will contact you to give you something free of charge. Though they might but don't hold your breath.

Call them & it usually takes no time for them to get you going with the new software.

Good luck

Mine updated automatically

The beauty of buying from Garmin - they answer their phone!

Just give them a call.

Dave - Annapolis, MD

Garmin does answer up when

Garmin does answer up when called, Always had a polite person on their end.

Call them and ask what about your new map update.


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Thanks all

Calling was already in my morning plans. Just got off the phone with Garmin Support - Joe; unit showed an acquisition date of 12/07 which he is correcting as I type.

Yes, very pleasant to deal with. Guess the 25 minute hold wasn't too bad.

Thanks again to all.

Same Boat

Let me know your progress. I am in exactly the same boat (or car) since my 760 arrived yesterday (from Amazon) with unlock date of 6/25. It will be next week before I have time to call so please let us know how you make out.

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Satellite acquisition date

I bought Nuvi 760 from 2 weeks ago. I registered the unit on Garmin the next day and I was offered to buy the update. When called Garmin about it, I was told that my Nuvi aquired first satellite sometime in Janury so I cant get the free update.
I explained that I just bought the unit and the box was sealed when it arrived and there is no way that the unit was in use in Janury unless somebody at Costco was playing with the unit but on another hand the box was properly sealed.
I was asked to fax a copy of my invoice showing the purchase date. Fortunatly, I had the invoice in an email from and I just forwarded the email to the lady I was talking to.
Next day My Garmin was displaying the free download / $10 DVD purchase option.
Hope this helps!
P.S, The Garmin rep also mentioned that I could return the unit back to Costco if I like and get another one as alternative to sending the invoice information to Garmin.

Customer Service

Yes, Garmin's customer service is excellent. You do have to hold for a while at times, but they answer and are very friendly. They try to resolve any issues, which has made owning my 760 a very pleasant experience.

Common problem

This has happened to sooooooooooooooo many people you'd think that Garmin would figure it out and fix it. Tons of people have had that "first satellite acquisition" date (or however it's phrased) wrong. Either it's a date that the unit was tested in the factory or some other idiotic thing but it causes a lot of problems.

Most likely many (or most) users don't realize that they should be getting a free update and don't contact Garmin. Users who do contact Garmin are able to get it fixed easily.

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Garmin Support Report

I talked to support after a 25 minute wait and got instructions to send my Amazon receipt to the tech and he would unlock. I emailed twice but both times I have been stopped by a spam filter. I have to call again on Monday. evil

Garmin Nuvi 760

cobra i had the same problem

cobra i had the same problem what i did was scan my recipt and emailed it to garmin and they emailed me saying the 2009 map was free but you have to call garmin about this issue they will guide in what to do garmin told me they are having this issues latley but get resolved fast