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I have found something that I would like to share. If you go to the Garmin Web Site look up one of the GPS devices (I used nuvi 360) at the top of the page is an icon for "NAVTEQ" it is actually a button for there web site if you register with them you are allowed to suggest corrections to the basemap for instance I frequently travel a road which just had a name change.

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Thanks. This is very smart

Thanks. This is very smart on Navteq's part. I just signed up and entered a report of a missing road link in my neighborhood. My C340 routes me around a block about an additional mile to get to a neighborhood store because the link is missing. My report is NVTQ000000193751 if anyone is interested. After signing up with Navteq Map Reporter search on the above tracking number.

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You can

report inaccuracies without registering. However, you won't be able to check on the status of whatever it was you reported. You will still get a tracking number.

Also a brief explanation of WAAS on the garmin page, next to the navteq logo.

Way to go pursery. If I lose my navteq bookmark I know where to go.

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Reporting map corrections to NavTech

I reported two corrections to NA City Select version 7, where navigation routed around obstacles that were not there. In 2005, I reported a bridge (blocked going westward only) across the Wissahickon Creek on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. In 2006, I reported a covered bridge on Covered Bridge Rd near Oley, PA, that had long been completed after reconstruction. When the new version 8 DVD came out, they fixed the former but not the latter; the covered bridge still does not exist even after it was finished two years or so ago.

So, quite a bit of lead time is required for corrections to make their way onto new maps.