New c330 user


is there any known problems with the c330 i just bought it recently and still testing it out

No, I have not heard any.

No, I have not heard any. This device works fine. Still struggling to show custom POIs while driving by but it may be just limitation of this device. High end models may be capabel of doing it. Over all it is a good unit.

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outstanding device...

I purchased mine in July 2005. The internal battery failed which I just replaced today for $6 and some solder. Truthfully I had no idea about all these POI things until today - after 18 months it like I own an entirely new GPS!

I find it to be an outstanding device that I can't imagine traveling without. I fly weekly to all cities on the east coast. Except for tall building interferece which I've encountered in NYC and the financial district in San Fran it's indespesible. (and in July of 2005 it was stupid expensive too...)


how often was there a update to download when you download do it give names of new streets and detours


Garmin usually releases map updates once a year. Current version is v8. I believe they charge $75 and some members have reported that you might want to update every two years unless streets have changed in your area.

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Address Not Found?

my mom and dad just bought the Garmin C330 Brand New In Retail Store and got home and it will NOT recognize their Home Street address. The house has been there on Long Island for 30 years.Any help or Info would be very much appreciated. Their Address is 529....We Left Off Ave.,Rd,etc...And it gives only 2 choices..99 or 299...We have NO clue why or how to fix this. Dad is a WWII Vet and said if it can't even find My own House What good is it! Thanks in Advance, Ray

when you put in the address

when you put in the address first it ask you what state put in your state,then city,thenyour house number(not the street name just number),then you put the name of the street make sure you put ave,ct,rd or whichever one it is then hit done or if the address come up automatically pick it

new unit

Hi all!

Just got the c330 and love it! I also had no idea about the poi things, but I'm a noob at this! I just updated the unit, hopefully all the new starbucks will now show up!

Don't be disappointed

When all the starbucks, or any other business etc don't show up. Or ones that show up and are long gone out of business or moved locations.

These things will be updated when the maps are updated. (Be assured that some will slip by)
(Read MKahn's post above)

Map updates are different than unit software updates.

You can report map inaccuracies at the following location.

Garmin updates and downloads page

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