c330 route preferences / WAAS


how do i change it so i can have a choice of using highways side streets or whichever i want. what is waas/egnos setting

Brief description of

Brief description of WAAS/EGNOS

Page 21 of the c330 manual.


Basically, from the main menu, tap the wrench, then navigation, then you can set route preference, vehicle type and avoidances

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Waas is a stronger more

Waas is a stronger more acurate sattelite signal.

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WAAS provides your GPS with additional data that allows it to make corrections to the information it receives from the regular GPS satellites.

The signals themselves aren't made any stronger by WAAS, but the additional "correction data" does allow for a more accurate calculation of your position.



Not necessarily stronger sat signals, but continous signal correction. Which provides a WAAS enabled receiver to receive the corrected signals, therefore giving us a more accurate location.

"...a system of satellites and ground stations that provide GPS signal corrections, giving you even better position accuracy..."

"WAAS consists of approximately 25 ground reference stations positioned across the United States that monitor GPS satellite data. Two master stations, located on either coast, collect data from the reference stations and create a GPS correction message. This correction accounts for GPS satellite orbit and clock drift plus signal delays caused by the atmosphere and ionosphere. The corrected differential message is then broadcast through one of two geostationary satellites, or satellites with a fixed position over the equator. The information is compatible with the basic GPS signal structure, which means any WAAS-enabled GPS receiver can read the signal."

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