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Question: What is the slot on the side of the nuvi used for?

The slot on the side of the nuvi is used for a Secure Digital (SD) card. The SD card is a commonly used memory card format. These memory cards come in various sizes and are usually sold as either a microSD or regular SD cards. Regular SD cards are larger and microSD cards are much smaller. These generally come with a regular SD adapter so you can use the microSD card in devices/card readers that only accept the regular SD card type.

Depending on the device that you own, the nuvi may use either one of these SD card sizes. SD cards can be used to store files such as MP3 audio files, JPEG picture files,2 or supplemental mapping. All nuvi models will support SD cards up to 8GB in size.

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Thanks for the clarification sussamb. I wasn't sure how Express handled that, so it is good to know.

In any case, if you have multiple map files installed on your device, it may be necessary and/or desirable to have a SD card larger than 4 GB.

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