a sense of community


I have to tell you that I get a huge smile on my face when I log on and see familiar faces online, this is really starting to feel like a supportive community.
miss poi

Will Travel- Will Get back with some coordinates

I am visting Florida later this month to look at Active Adult Communities & visit some. With Baby Boomers visting Florida all the time for future retirement, I thought it might be good to have pOI of active adult communities. If you would be interested, I can go on recording Lat/Long & Web address of such communities & bring these over although being novice I would not know how to convert to POI !

Thanks & keep up great effort !


Great sITE. Find you through Google search!

Upload and share

If you want to put together a POI file, we will have a place for you to upload it to share with other users. JM is currently working on a program to add an upload feature to the site.
If you gather the addresses I can convert them into the proper format.
miss poi