Kindergarten tech


I was watching a cartoon with our oldest daughter (age 5) the other day about Lewis and Clark. When she realized that they were navigating with just a compass she got really excited and said “mommy they should just get a gps machine and they would not be lost”.
I had to explain that the technology that she is growing up with was not around during the days of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

When we drive around and don't have the machine turned on you can hear little voices in the back seats announcing "arriving at destination" as we park.

Yesterday we were told that we can turn off the machine because we already know where to go in our neighborhood.

miss poi

Boy oh Boy!

Geeez, I hate to admit my wife (c330) and I (c530) do the same thing smile She will even say after I go a different way than routed, "I said turn right Ted...recalculating, AGAIN" (in an exasperated voice) smile

Great a whole new range of technology wrought embarrassing stories smile

Regards, Ted

"You can't get there from here"


I turned onto a different road than my kids were used to, All 5 of my teenagers, and my wife SHOUTED "Re-Caulculating"

My comment was something about at-least the Garmin has a MUTE...

(Kids laughed, wife didn't)