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Streetpilot 2720 routing issue


I've only been using GPS for a week now in my local area and have come across this annoying problem. The unit will not choose a route (or street) that is on the opposite side of a two-lane road even though there is a middle turning lane and you are allowed to turn. The selected route will actually take you around in a large circle even if it is miles (in this case two miles) longer than exactly where the road is. I've noticed this a few times now and apparently the unit cannot "see" the road opposite the 'highway'. Anyone else notice this problem or have any solutions? (Or am I simply getting hung up on 'efficiency').



routing issue

is it a new street or has there been changes to other roads in the vicinity? It could be that the mapping is an older version and needs to be renewed...It doesn't always use the most logical route I know. I've questioned routing before also.

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routing issue

Thanks for the reply. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the street per se, because once I make the turn anyway, the unit immediately shows the street I'm on and that my destination is, in this case only 300 ft away verses going around in a two or three mile circle that it would have chosen. I noticed that it did the same thing when going to a Walmart. The directions had me going right by the store and doing a u-turn at the next set of lights rather than crossing over a two-lane highway??


Same Thing!

My 2720 has done the same thing to me a few times. When I leave work it wants me to turn left which would be on US12 in Michigan going towards traffic.

You have to make a right first then a left. Once I do this and the 2720 re-thinks it's fine.

I was going to a friends house a while back and the garmin had me going all these different ways but i just went the way he told me which was 5 miles shorter.

In the long run I still love my GPS as more times its right and I'm wrong.


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Info on Streetpilot 2720 routing issue

Regarding GPS not "seeing" street across two-lane highway;
I did some tests at lunch today and when I zoomed in at max allowed I noticed that Highway US RT1 in this area of Westerly,RI is shown as TWO separate roads going East & West with apparently a divider inbetween. Thats why it takes you down past the road you want to turn onto and does a U-turn where there is a crossing. This is the way the road was over 20 Years ago. How is it that this area hasn't been updated? I downloaded the latest software this past week...


try navteq map reporter

Report any inaccuracies you find

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Mostly good routes

I have had the unit give me mostly good routes, but, like any machine, sometimes it wants me to take a route I don't think is good. When I'm around home and that happens, I do what I want, let the unit recalculate and then it gets over it.

When I'm someplace I am not familiar with - I feel I generally get good routes, which is why I like the unit - optimal routes - hard to say - each person has their own personal idea of what that means.

For example, my siblings will drive 100 miles to my parents house using the interstate, I drive 85 miles using state highways, mine is not even the shortest possible route - it is a blend of speed/distance; theirs just speed - but we arrive within moments of each - just depends on the traffic breaks.

My 2720 would take me the interstate route - nothing wrong with that, it differently will get me there in a reasonable amount time.

When I am not familiar with the roads - I totally rely on the the 2720 and it works wonderful - would not dream of leaving it home.

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I had the same problem with

I had the same problem with my first gps which was a C550 and my new unit which is a 7200. I live in a new development so I thought I would have to wait for the map upgrade. It would take me a quarter of a mile past the cut out and then take me accross the next intersection and tells me to turn left and turn left again.I would ingore good old jims voice and make the left going into my development and I would always get the recalculating. After doing this for about 30 times it now tells me to make a left turn into my development and even names the street. I have never upgraded with webupgrader because they (Garmin) have not come out with a map upgrade. And this has happen with the two GPS Units Go Figure


Reported Error

I did go to the map reporter website as per Ismonop suggestion and sure enough when I zoomed onto the road in question it shows up as two different roads travelling East & West with an apparent divider in the middle. The road was re-constructed over 20 years ago as one road with a turning lane. So I sent the info to the following website
and hopefully one day they'll get the road in this area of RI right.

Thanks for the insights.


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