Costco selling Garmin 2009 map updates


Garmin 2009 map update now available at I've never seen Costco sell map updates before. $54.99 plus $4.99 s&h.

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1390T with Free Map Updates is also selling the Garmin 1390T for $299.95. It comes with lifetime traffic and lifetime map updates. Even though I've recently bought a 765T, I ordered one. I couldn't resist the price with the free updates. I actually paid more than that when I bought my 350 several years ago.

I agree

schwahnie wrote:

I got my lifetime from amazon for $79. Even though it is a cheap price for 2009 maps I would spring the extra $$$ for the lifetime map update

If you are planning on using your GPS for at least a couple of years, it is more than worth the extra money to purchase the lifetime map upgades. I just recently got my upgrade as it was free from Garmin. I'll wait at least a year and a half before I buy the lifetime upgrade as I plan on keeping the 255W as long as it lasts.

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Guess I am lucky

I have had my GPS for just over 2 years. I have driven on the grass only once. As changes continue, I am sure that will change rapidly. I will break down one day and get an update.

Just watch, I will get the update and the darn thing will die on me. Then I will have to buy a new unit, with way more features than I want or need.

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