Contributors of the Week 2008-05-12


This week we are recognizing Cursulak and Escrge as our Contributors of the week.

Cursulak was busy making icons for files that seemed to be missing them. It is nice to have those icons for those files now, Thank you.

Escrge, this week you did something really cool. You made a red light camera alert using the different Garmin voices. This is a great addition to the site.
I will link them to this thread so you can all use them.

I am starting to see that our community is becoming more balanced, instead of just having one or two really knowledgeable people answering questions we now have hundreds of really knowledgeable people helping each other. This is a great development and I am excited about it!!!

Thanks to all of you for all that you do for this community, you should all be very proud of what we have built together.

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Congrats to the two of ya.

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Two great contributions to the site!

Way to go guys! Congratulations.

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Congrats to both of you

Congrats to both of you guys for a job well donw. Keep up the good work.

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Top notch

The two of you are top notch members, making life a little easier for the rest of us.


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Good work to both keep it up.

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Contributors of the Week 05-12-08

Way to go. Nice job.

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Great Job

Thanks for your contributions - Great job!

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great jobs

thanks for the voices


Con Grads

Well Done & Fine Job Congradulations to The Both Of you

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Congratulations.Keep up the

Congratulations.Keep up the good work.

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Thanks to both of you Cursulak and Escrge for the icons and sounds great job

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Congrats to both.

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