After Christmas Specials


Anybody here of any good/great after the holiday specials..just wondering. I say a Nuvi 260 wide at Tiger Direct for 189.00 anybody see anything else worth mentioning?

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Nuvi 760

Costco stores in the Pacific Northwest are offering Garmin Nuvi 760s at $249... not bad...
I walked into the store looking at TVs and walked out with my new Nuvi...

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the Garmin models I have been watching have been going up

I have been watching also but haven't seen any deals as good as the black Friday deals. If anything the Garmin models I have been watching have been going up slowly, not down.

I could have gotten the 765T on black Friday from ABT for about $325 if I had used my Discover card but since then they have been selling in the $450-550 range. Should have jumped on it then!

We bought our c550 last summer brand new for $150 and lately they have been $250 for new, go figure on a discontinued old model.

My 760 is doing great so I guess I can wait for awhile.

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no deals

The prices have been slowly going up. I am still waiting for a good price on the Nuvi 765t. Nothing has matched (or even come near) the Black Friday specials. I should have jumped on it then.

Check the forums on these websites as well

They usually have the sales posted right away.


Not a Sale, per se...

I had a couple of gift cards for Cabela's for a few months - residual wallet fodder from a birthday.

They had the Lowrance XOG on Sale for $143 - clearance. While it's not as powerful in many respects to a Magellan or Garmin, I liked the XO part of it (Cross Over GPS) so for $50 cash, it was worth it to try it out. For units in its price range, it's good.

I like the fact that in addition to the street maps it comes with (NAVTEQ Data; and it has a couple of streets that are new in the last year and a half telling me it can't be too far out of date,) I can also load Topo maps or Lake maps onto it.

For multi-media, I understand that it only plays MP3, however, I found that I can also add POI files onto it, seemingly compatible with TomTom OV2 files, including alerts, etc.

While it's about the same size as a Garmin Nuvi 200, it seems to be ok. I will see how it goes as time goes on, or if it will be donated to a family member...

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .

the Garmin models I have been watching have been going up

I just checked the price where I purchased my 765t (12/23) for $427 delivered, and see it's now $499. Guess I timed that just right.

i guess the retailers are not hurting as bad as they say

I got mine at amazon for 430 before x-mas and even they are up at 449 now. wow, i guess i times that right, for once.


I bought a Nuvi 200

from Walmart a few months ago for $168 + tax. Yeaterday, the same unit is going for $129. Now I'm thinking off buying a second one!

Not doing anything worth a darn.

Falling prices

Sam's Club has the Nuvi 750 for 198.99. If they drop the price and still have it in stock, you can bring in your receipt and they will refund the difference. I got mine for $400, and got $200 back when the price dropped.

They also have the 850 for around $500. I was looking at it when my wife grabbed my collar and dragged me away.

I've been happy with my 750 and C340. It'll probably be a little while before I get another one. cool