iPhone and POI


I am almost done with an iPhone application that displays the list of NPR stations. It can either show near stations or all stations. For any station, it can show more information, a button that takes you to the station's web site, and a button to map the station on the iPhone's map application. All using the nice iPhone interface.

Obviously this can be generalized to other POI lists. The major advantages that the iPhone has over GPS units is it capability to access the web from anywhere and a simpler user interface. So I am more interested in POI that either have a web component like the NPR station web sites and POI for the GPS-challenged people.

Any suggestions?


P.S. Michael Yoch, if you read this, can you post the pictures I sent you or can someone tell me how to upload pictures? Thanks.

my cell phone, that was 200

my cell phone, that was 200 bucks less then your iphone, has a built in gps receiver and garmin mobile xt...

just wanted to throw that out there...