Neptune NJ Red Light Camera?


Driving home over the weekend, I was stopped at the intersection of NJ State Route 35, and NJ State Route 33 (Corlies Ave), in Neptune NJ (40,2093, -74.0271).

I was not really paying attention, as I was chatting with my wife. I looked up and noticed cameras installed at the top of each traffic light, covering all directions through the intersection! Of course, just as I was kind of processed the information ("ahhhh, what's that? OH!") the light turned green.

I am not in the area very much, but was hoping someone else who might be could check it out and report back.

Sorry I did not do a better job id-ing the light/camera. If possible, I will try to swing by again this weekend.

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Thanks for the report, I

Thanks for the report, I will do some investigating and see what is up in that area.

Miss POI

Check The Photos

Typically, the cameras on top of the traffic lights are not red-light camers. They replace the sensors that used to be under the road bed.

Check out the sample photos here to see which type you recognize:

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Gary A is right. They are

Gary A is right. They are popping up all over southern NJ as well.

Yep, we have them all over

Yep, we have them all over our area. They can be used to monitor traffic, if need be, but not used for people running red lights.

Sorry for hijacking your

Sorry for hijacking your topic, but in my area we also have a lot of these cameras on top of the red light. At this one intersection I noticed with the camera there was also a kind of flash that was installed with it. Would that be a red light camera or just another traffic camera?

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Most red light cameras that

Most red light cameras that I am aware of take photos of the back of the vehicle, not the front. All cars are required to have a registration tag on the rear of the vehicle. Many States do not require a front tag. In MD, red light cameras and speed camera violations go to the vehicle owner, not the driver. This is not considered a moving violation, rather an opportunity to provide more money to the Government.

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Sounds like what you saw was what emergency vehicles use to trigger the traffic light to change so that they can go through the intersection without to much trouble from cross traffic.

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