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I am flying into San Jose Costa Rica for Labor Day and will be driving out to the Pacific Coast. Where can I get Nuvi Maps that will make my life much easier (and safer).



You can go to and make your own map that has exactly what you want. You will also have more knowledge of your projected trip. You still have 3 months.

Costa Rica Garmin Map

You can find an amazing Costa Rica Garmin map here -


I highly recommend the route from Tamarindo to Malpais then to San Jose via a ferry. Off the beaten path and the most beautiful part of Costa Rica in my book! The stretch from Tamarindo to Malpais is amazing. Check out "little Hawaii"... just a half hour form Tamarindo and along the route to Malpias. You can make a couple day trip out of the route from Tamarindo to Malpais...but stay in Malpais for off the beaten path. Check out a video
Rent a car with a few friends and drive this route.My second trip was from San Jose to Osa Peninsula. The stretch from Tamarindo to Maplais on the back roads... yes the back an amazing experience. You can find Sodas (bars) in the middle of nowhere. It is along this stretch that you will see beaches and jungles that have gone untouched by the tourist. You will hear Howler Monkey's and see them too! (you will not hear or see the Howler Monkey's in Jaco)You can surf on some of the most desolate beaches in the world. You can sit back and have a meal in such a zenful place. You can find cabinas to stay at for as low as $10. Just make sure you get a good 4x4 and a Costa Rica Garmin Map.

Another trip to Costa Rica was from San Jose to Jaco to the Osa Peninsula. ( I like the Tamarindo to Malpais trip a lot more). The Suzuki Vitara got stuck once after running it through a river in the Osa Peninsula. The 4x4 transfer case got stuck in neutral. We were able to just move it a few feet with the help of some very nice Costa Rican kids. For the most part it is a very nice cheap vehicle to rent, but if you can, try to upgrade to one more up. We also used a Garmin GPS map to drive through the jungle at night. It was a life saver at times!

Do not speed ...cops are looking for an excuse to receive bribes. Do not pay them.

Pura Vida!!!