NUVI update problems (lose reception 2-3 time per drive)


I am not sure what software it is, as i only check for updates when i am changing the music on my Nuvi 660. but has anyone had any problems with the new download. I have had my 660 for about 8 months and never lost satelite reception, now after the update about 10 days ago, i lose reception 2-3 time per drive, not per day per drive. this morning, lovely Atlanta weather, blue skies and no obstructions, half way to work i had no signal..... any ideas guys and gals?

My wife has the 660 and she

My wife has the 660 and she has had no problems with the new download although she does not have music on her GPSr. Loosing satelite lock probably means your unit is going bad - but check with Garmin first in case this is a known issue.

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It would help to

It would help to troubleshoot if you can post the version number you're having trouble with.

Contact Garmin Support

You may have a hardware issue. I had one doing the same thing - ended up doing a warranty exchange by mail.

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