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I just purchased a garmin c330. I also d/l the listing of red light camera's and a few other poi for the garmin.

The detailed manual gives very little info on the use of the SD card. I d/l the poi files both directly to the unit via the USB cable and also onto an SD card. My question is how do I access the data??? There is no menu selection for the data card, and I don't think that the USB d/l of data went into the basic menu. Can anyone help??

InkDaddy out of Atlanta

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Thank you, Summermug!

Thanks for your advice, it was spot on.

I had to truncate the starbucks POIS to get it to fit on my low end c330, and after I did this I renamed the file with a number 1. After removing the number and reloading my POIs, everything seems just fine. Thanks so much!


C330 saving cordinates

I just bought this C330 the day after Thanksgiving.
One of my biggest complaints about the C330 was there was not a way to see cordinates to use later in POI files. After talking to Garmin Techs (tring unsucessfully to get newer maps from Garmin)- They tell me this is a discontinued model no longer supported. (But I just bought it no fair!)

He did tell me about now I just go to 'My Locations' then hit 'Save' then I can download them later (different Format) then convert them for my POI's. I am still learning. This C330 is amazing!

New 2008 Maps

I would not take no for answer if you just got the C330.A lot of people on this site have gotten the 2008 maps for free.Need to keep trying and not talk to the same person every time.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.

from the Garmin web site, sd cards for POI

Increase available data storage and add to the capabilities of your Garmin unit with this Secure Digital (SD) memory card. Fast-loading and reliable, this small SD card can store 512 megabytes of MapSource data, allowing you to download detailed street-level mapping, points of interest, business addresses, phone numbers and more.
for the 512 mb card

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