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This is off topic and completely inappropriate, but what the hey! I'll ask it anyway.
Is anyone else having problems getting to a lot of Web sites this morning? For example, I can't get to my home page, which is, or to
I'm having no problem whatsoever with the POI factory and some other sites or with my e-mail system. Can someone try the cnn and sportsillustrated sites and let me know if you can get to them? Thanks.

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Good Morning, I could get in

Good Morning, I could get in to both sites.

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Still can't

You can, but I can't. I'm wondering if the earthquakes yesterday around Reno may be disrupting some service. Really strange. I don't get the page that says the site couldn't be found; instead, the progress indicator goes very slowly about half way and just sits there. Oh, well, maybe later. Thanks for the update.

"No misfortune is so bad that whining about it won't make it worse."

I can access both, no problem

Both are accessible ok.

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Hi Phil,

Those are "major" sites and should be up and running.
If it persists, call your ISP...



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Have you tried rebooting your modem? Unplug it, wait 1 minute...

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yup. Reset modem,any switch between puter and modem and restart puter. That is a good start. Fixes most "slow" problems.

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I get that every once it a while have you cleaned your cache and all temp internet files. I have to every week it does help good luck. I also think part of the problem is IE and microsoft windows with all the extra bells and whistles.

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