Microsoft Streets and Trips for truckers..


I just updated to 2008 and have all the major fuel stops as well as cat scales. I'm using a Bluetooth GPS unit.

The very first one I d/ld was the weigh stations. grin

I also have the S&T Keys 2.54.

I'm inclined to try this as opposed to the Alk CoPilot 11. I'm wondering if anybody has both and how it compares.

Thanks for all the work on the files.

MS Streets & Trips

I have the 2008 version of MSS&T and it works great and less espensive. I have put a number of overlays into it and they are showing up just the way I want them. I have both poi's from here and poi from the discovery websit that have things for MSS&T. Not sure how to load MP3 sound for everything but the files and iconsare good Try the outhouse for the restareas it is cool.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Outhouse Icon and sound....

johnm405 wrote:

Try the outhouse for the restareas it is cool.

I'm new to automotive GPS (waiting for mine to arrive in the mail) so I have a simple question. To use the Outhouse icon and sound file do I need to change their names to match the name of the rest area csv file?

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yup that is how it

yup that is how it works;)

Miss POI

Preferred road types

How can I keep the preferred road types to stay like I want it.

It resets everytime I close and reopen S&T. I'm researching this on other sites as well.

Preferrred Road Types

Are yu opening a new map each time or are you opening and existing map/ If you open a new map then you have to set new preferred roads. If you open a exiting map and jsut change the route it will keep the same setting you had before.
I made a basic map with what I want then just open it and make a new route. I have my home set as a pushpin to start every map.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T