Nuvi 350 Storing POI on my SD card


Using Garmin's POI loader I'm able to load great POI off of this site, however, when I load my second POI it erases the first. How do I get more that one POI on the 350? Thanks, Jim, k4vw

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POI for nuvi 350

Put all your files you want uploaded under one folder on the computer, then direct the loader to that folder. You have to load all of the files each time.

If you put ALL of your POI files you want loaded in one folder on the computer, like so:

POI Folder
---poi file 1.csv
---poi file 2.csv
---poi file 3.csv

then the names of the POI categories in the nuvi350 will be the same as the file names (less the extension).


If you use the new beta v2.4 loader (download free from Garmin), you can use sub folders on the computer like so:

POI Folder
---POI Sub-Folder 1
------poi file 1.csv
---POI Sub-Folder 2
------poi file 2.csv
---POI Sub-Folder 3
------poi file 3.csv
------poi file 4.csv
------poi file 5.csv

Then the name of the categories displayed on the nuvi350 will be the name of the sub-folders. When a sub-folder contains 2 or more POI files, then that nuvi350 category will contain sub-categories by the name of each POI file (less the extension).

Hope this answers your question. It may seem confusing, but just give it a try.

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Thank your very much. I

Thank your very much. I will try when I get home from work. I'm running v4.3 and will also down load the beta loader.

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Works Great

Making a directory on your computer with all the POI you want, then use POI loader to convert them, work great. Find another POI you want on the Garmin, just add to the list on computer and convert the whole batch again.

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I was wondering if this could be done! smile


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