Two Redlight Camera files?


I just loaded the Redlight Cameras POIs onto my Garmin 530. But it there's actually TWO files/catagories listed, both with the same name (Redlight Cameras).

Are these duplicate files? Or is it one file split into two?


one file

There's just one file. Is it possible that you have a copy loaded into GPS memory and another on the SD card?


dont understand

Not sure I understand. Is that good, bad...or am I wasting memory/space?

In my POI folder when I view the files on my computer I only see one CSV file.

Should I delete that and reload it? Or will that simply delete one of the two?

BTW, I haven't installed a seperate SD card. Im just using the stock memory.

two files/catagories

The file on your computer sounds fine. You might try running POI Loader to transfer the file again. It replaces the old file(s) on your GPS, so there's no down side.

If you still see it twice on your GPS, let me ask a couple more questions to help sort things out:

1. On the GPS, what menu selections are you taking to show you the two files/categories?

3. On your PC, what version of POI Loader are you using?

(you can find the POI Loader version by going to Start Menu / Control Panel / Add&Remove Programs and then "click here for support information" under Garmin POI Loader)


problem solved?

Looks like reloading the CSV file fixed the prob.

There's now just one file listed in "Extras" ("Custom POIs).

When I tap that, what shows are the local cameras within about the nearest 30 miles.

Sound right?

Thanks for the help!