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Hey all,
I came across this article from CNN while reading gps comparisons. Looks like nothing is safe at all. James

http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/ptech/03/13/factory.installed.v... shock

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Nothing is safe

It just goes to show that nothing is safe anymore. And it makes sense to keep your antivirus and spyware software up to date as well.

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To be on the safe side you need to have your device connected to the PC while the antivirus loaded in the PC is doing the scan or do a selective scan of the unit by choosing the drive assigned to the GPSr or iPod, also scan the attached card.

Anytime I take an upgrade from Garmin I let my antivirus scan the GPSr, the csv files we download from here "should" be safe unless there is hidden code.

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It's kind of convenient

It's kind of convenient blaming Chinese for everything. BTW, American anti virus software will have no effect on a real good Chinese viruses, they don't speak the same language wink

What kind of garbage was

What kind of garbage was that? Chinese electronics understand binary machine code like American electronics! If it was an attempt at a joke I did not find it funny. Stupid comments like that make people think computers (mere machines) have intelligence. Computers don't and never will, but over time the shear amount of computations will give the illusion of intelligence.

Finally everyone is quick to blame everyone else in today's society. If you have a computer it is your responsibility to run anti-virus software. If not you should not power the computer on.

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Okay... everyone take a deep breath. Now, exhale. That's good. Let's all just relax and smile.


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Flied Lice!

thetick wrote:

What kind of garbage was that? Chinese electronics understand binary machine code like American electronics! If it was an attempt at a joke I did not find it funny.

Jeez, lighten up!

It obviously was a joke (note the little winky-smiley at the end).

If anything, we should be blaming uptight humorless PC people like yourself for what ills society.

Think I will go make fun of the Chinese now and see how many people get their panties in a bundle over it. Shouldn't be too difficult these days.


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No need to be so upset and

Sorry if this upset anyone and it's only meant to be half a joke.

The idea of an virus is the same, but anti virus business are completely different from country to country and region to region. US anti virus software do not get most oversee virus signatures and therefor can't protect you.

The easiest solution is to disable USB autorun.


I have not had a virus since 2004 on any of my PC's or laptops. I guess it is a good thing they don't understand Chinese viruses!

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I liked the joke

We have some Germans working at our company installing software that we purchased from their company.

I made a joke that we wouldn't be able to understand their software due to the language barrier and was told that it was indeed a problem, because all of their error messages were coming out in German!

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.