How to convert a LSD 08-23-041-07W4 to a longitude/latitiude, Nuvi 670


Does anyone know how to convert a point for example like 08-23-041-07W4 to a search point on the Garmin. Maybe how to convert this to a Latitude and Longitude that the 670 can do... I do many thousands of km's/month to different gas well sites and need to convert to something the Garmin can understand.


You might check out this discussion on Groundspeak.

Unique Well IDs

In what I can find out about the example you posted above, there is no direct correlation to Lon-Lat. It really is only a Record ID for that well. In that record you would find out how deep, what kind of well, who did the various tests, what field it is in, size of bore, etc etc…
You would have to find out where those records are kept (for each state) and maybe in the record itself you might find the Lon-Lat.

This record is referred to as UNIQUE WELL ID

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No this is not a record id.

No this is not a record id. A legal land description is like the example I gave 04-15-25-24w4. and has nothing to do with a well site or size of bore or deep. You have not understood the question.


Did you read the discussion on Groundspeak that I linked? It addressed this issue directly.

Yes i did, just what I was

Yes i did, just what I was looking for, Thank you very much... I guess there is even an SD card that can be inserted in the garmin for all the LSD locations in Western canada...

LSD conversion for Garmin

There is an application that accurately converts LSDs to lat/lng and can also output them in a GPI file. See

This application has an embedded database of grid coordinates for western Canada. These coordinates are surveyed points and are used to accurately compute lat/lng from LSD and the inverse. It can also do BC NTS conversions.

GPI is a native Garmin format. GPX is also supported. The application can output directly to Google Maps.