Garmin Nuvi 360 vs. 660 map software different?


Is there a difference in the base maps of the Nuvi 360 and Nuvi 660. I own both and can't tell the difference in the maps on the unit, but Garmin shows this on their site:

Nuvi 360:
Americas Lite Routable

Nuvi 660:
Preloaded City Navigator® NT North America(full coverage)

I called and asked them to send me the CD for the Nuvi 360, and it sounds as if they will be sending me the City Navigator NT, which is the same as my Nuvi 660.

I bought the Nuvi 360 for our second car after falling in love with the Nuvi 660. Did I get screwed with maps that are not as complete?

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There should be NO

There should be NO difference in the maps. Both use City Navagator NA v8. there might be some difference in your setups though. Look at map detail on both units to insure they are the same. Also the zoom level will determine how much detail shows up on the maps.
More zoom = more detail

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My 360 came with City Nav. NT North America

My unit came with the City Navigator NT North America. I did request a Mapsource CD for planning purposes.

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)