Proximity Alerts


Does any of the POI files contain proximity alerts besides the red light camera locations? Rest stops along the highways would be nice to know ahead of time when traveling 70+ MPH in traffic along the nations highways. An alert might give one time to actually use the rest stop. Advance alerts of other locations would also be very helpful.

Can I simply add alerts to the files as I desire? are they already there?

Proximity Alerts

From POI Loader Help File:

POI Loader determines whether or not a file contains speed and proximity alert points based on specific criteria. Use the following information to help you create Custom POI files:

·If a file name contains a valid speed number or if all records in a file have speed encoded in the name, then all records in the file will include speed and proximity alerts. For example, a data file with the file name "Speed_30" generates speed alerts of 30 mph (or kph, depending on the type of units selected in POI Loader) for each POI in the file.

·If the file name contains "redlight", POI Loader assumes all records in the file have proximity alerts with a distance of 400m/0.25 miles

·If a file contains "GATSO," "mobile," "SPECS," "safety," "speed," or "camera," but does not have a speed, POI Loader uses a default alert speed of 0, which means you will always be alerted. You can override this default value by entering the speed in Manual mode.

·You can also enter speeds for each POI individually by adding the @ symbol and a number after the name of the POI. For example, a Custom POI named "Ridgeview@25" would create a POI named "Ridgeview" with a 25 mph speed alert.

·POI Loader calculates proximity alert distance based on speed. You can enter proximity alert distance for individual Custom POIs in a .gpx file. You can also enter proximity alert distance for all Custom POIs in a data file using Manual mode.

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Regular Custom POIs don't alert by default.

You must set an alert if you want an alert to sound. You can run POI Loader in Manual Mode and set whatever alerts you want. Or you can put some alert information in the files themselves.

Check out Phil's great guide for more information about alerts.

Hornbyp's guide to setting alerts with POI Loader


johnf wrote:

Can I simply add alerts to the files as I desire? are they already there?

When POI Loader us run in manual mode, the program will prompt you for each file being loaded as to whether you would like to set alerts.

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Manual mode will not override ...

Be aware that 'Manual Mode' will not always set the alerts the way you may think. For example, with POI Loader's priority system, setting an alert with manual mode WILL NOT override any alerts set within the specific POI within the file. i.e.
-111.0000,46.000,Sample POI@35
will not be overridden by any setting in manual mode.


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