Download 6M POI file, how do I confirm


I know this might sound silly but I downloaded the 6M POI files to my 3225 but it still looks the same to me. Is there anyone to confirm that the larger file downloaded correct and is loaded? Thanks


I would say one way to confirm would to abe download the file again only save it in a different file or location the open each one and check the file size or the number of enteries. I know others will tell you other ways to confirm a download

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Check for campgrounds

I've read somewhere on this site to check if the campground category appears - this wasn't on the 1M POI list.


Connect your unit to your PC, then browse it as if it were any other disk drive. The POIs are in the Garmin folder. Right click and click properties. Your file should be larger in KBs than the previous file. To see if it's downloaded correctly, look for the Custom POIs in My Locations and open one up.

It's probably too late now

It's probably too late now for you....But I did a search for our local best buy and it didn't show, after loading the 6 million it showed.