Floods in Texas


How can I program my GPS to route me around floods ?? mrgreen (Just kidding!)

We were planning a trip starting tomorrow, going through Oklahoma City, Dallas and Austin. Anybody live in/near those areas with advise on how travel is likely to be in a couple of days ??

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I am guessing you will be on

I am guessing you will be on I-35. Don't think the flooding will be any trouble for you, just watch the idiot's and usual congestion area's. Try to avoid the big cities during rush hour if possible.

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Come-On Down...........

You'll be ok. We usually look like were in a drought 24 hrs. after a rain anyway. All major highways are open.

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i am also headed there, i have called and checked, if you are going from missouri, stay off of 44hwy until saturday, still some issues also they said something about the red river having crested at the texas border. JUST STAY ON THE MAJOR HWY you shouldnt have any issues if you stay on 35!

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After getting caught twice in Austin going south with traffic jams a local said not to go through between 4PM and 7PM. Stopped first time 1/2 way through at 6:15PM and second time north end at 5:30 PM.

Just FYI. Have a nice trip. H.


Flood Avoidance

aquafire wrote:

Try to avoid the big cities during rush hour if possible.

Really ?? shock mrgreen

Will be headed out in a couple of hours. Looks like getting through St. Louis will be the worst part.

Anybody who tries to go through a big city at rush hour pretty much deserves what they get.

Alas, I NEED to go through St. Louis during afternoon rush to get PAST the worst flood areas before they crest tonight !! Sigh.

Back in a week or so!

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Traffic Subscription

Do you have a traffic subscription for your GPS?
I would expect it to route you according to reported traffic conditions. It doesn't hurt to preplan and have paper maps also in case the GPS doesn't route you correctly.

Trip re-route

DrewDT wrote:

Do you have a traffic subscription for your GPS?

No. But I'd think that would do a lot to solve the problem.

Never go anywhere without a paper backup. Just don't trust that new-fangled electronic junk! mrgreen

Have decided to re-route farther north and west to miss most of the flooding between here and the LoneStar.......and I figured that out with (GASP) a paper map.

Leaving in a few minutes.
Thanks to all who responded.

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