Will try my GPS in Spain


grin I am leaving for Spain tomorrow. I bought and installed the Garmin City Navigator NT Europe DVD.

I also loaded about 27,000 custom POIs for Spain, mainly the radars (radares), gas stations (gasolineras) and places to see (que ver). I built a few POIs for my hotels and other places I want to visit.

The web site (in Spanish) for these POIs is: http://www.todo-poi.es/menu/principal.htm. It also includes POIs for other European countries.

I am renting a car for 11 days, I will let you know on my return about the usefulness of these POIs.

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Have a great trip

I will be looking forward to your your report once you return.

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Muchos anuncios

You can barely see the POIs on that site with all the adds right smack on the middle of the screen.

I have no objections with a site making some cash from the visitors as long as the adds don't distract from the content, adds on the margins are OK but not smack in the middle of the page.

Hope you have a great trip and report back on your experience when you get back, I'm also planning a trip to España in 2009 to visit family in Galicia.

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Back from Spain

I came back from Spain yesterday and had a great trip.

My GPS was very useful. It took us everywhere we wanted to go, without any problems. It really eliminated the stress of not knowing where you’re going and my wife was sightseeing instead of following the map (She had no choice but to agree it was a good investment...).

I had downloaded the POIs for radars (see post above) and they were very useful. It also notified me of all the speed limits on the highways and even on secondary roads and some 50 km speed limits at the entrance of some small villages.

Because of some construction, sometimes I had to follow the signs (detours) but the GPS picked up immediately after without any problems.

The only small inconvenient is that I had set my GPS to avoid toll roads but it still took me on some three times. Probably they became toll roads in the past 1-2 years because some were not on my last trip to Spain in 2005.

All in all it was a good investment that I will continue to use on future trips to Europe.

PS. The exchange rate for the dollar was terrible...ouch...

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