How / When does a submitted POI become available for other users?


I'm new here but am very excited about finding this site. I've added a new POI file and was wondering how long or what the approval process is for submitting new POI files.

I didn't see anything in the FAQ's about this.

Thanks in advance!

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one more thing

Oh yeah, do I have to be an active member for my POI files to go "live"?

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Depending on when you

Depending on when you submitted it Miss POI needs to review them and you will see it soon.


Yes, it goes through the moderation que before it gets posted, but no, you don't have to be an active member for your files to go live. Posting files is part of what helps you become active.


I see that you have compiled a list of Safety rest areas for the state of Texas. Are these actual rest areas or are they turn outs in the road?

We currently have a combined file here:

and also a Texas file here:

If you have information that is different please let me know and I will make sure that it is incorporated into these files.

Miss POI

I usually check the moderation queue every few hours and once or twice during the weekend.

I saw the existing one and

I saw the existing one and some of the entry's are the same. But there were 31 more listed on the DOT website that I included in the one I submitted.

Anyways, thanks for the quick replies and maintaining a great website!

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file has been updated.

Here is what I have done, I have posted an attachment and note on the file that Robert660 made here Thanks for the update.

Miss POI

No problem... I hope I can

No problem... I hope I can provide more updates in the future.

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