Radio Shack POI's


I've been thinking about creating a Radio Shack POI file. Would anyone out there be interested in such a project? I'm an employee and I MAY be able to gain access to the store locater database (with permission of course) to aid in it's creation.

Id willing to help out,

Id willing to help out, especially in CA.

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Do you really want to?

Radio Shack hdq here in the Ft. Worth area terminated the entire media group (produces all their printed and video ads for the entire world) last week. An outside media group has been hired and told to start removing ALL radio Shack logos from all media.

Last fall, Radio Shack terminated over 400 workers in the area.

What's remaining of Radio Shack (which isn't much)is obviously being sold.

Corporate Downsizing

Sounds like corporate downsizing to me. I'm just a part time employee, so I'm not gonna get any inside info on what going on, but I still think it would be nice to be able to locate a radio shack when I'm away from home.


Radio Shack "downsized" when it sold off the carpet and tile outlet stores. It "downsized" when it sold off the Tandy brand and all of the Tandy assets including the tall twin buildings in downtown Ft. Worth. It "downsized" when it terminated the lying, cheating CEO they hired to resurrect the company. It "downsized" when it fired 400 employees in the Ft. Worth area by sending out e-mails to the affected people telling them their "positions" had been declared surplus so don't come back tomorrow (and became the brunt of comedians jokes for the worst handled termination procedure in history). It "downsized" when it closed almost all neighborhood stores last year - leaving only a very few. Now, rumor has it, they are "downsizing" again by removing all Radio Shack identifying logos from all assets.

Maybe you are right, hehehehe!

However, if anyone does a POI for the neighborhood stores they should carefully check to see that they are still open since they are still listed in phone books, on maps, etc but are closed and out of business.

Yep... Still the only place in a lot of towns...

It's still the only place in a lot of towns, mine included, to get electronic components and other hard to find electronic devices without going online. Regardless of what ill will there is toward RS in Ft. Worth, it still has value up here in Ohio and elsewhere. Besides, I won't be using something as archaic as a phone book, but rather the companies store locator database, I'm certain it's up to date. I'm waiting to see if I can get a copy of the DB, if not, I'll do it the hard way and take them one by one from the RS web site.


I will...

help out, if needed.