Bicycle Ride


Anyone use their Garmin on their bicycle?

I recently moved to CA and have gone on a couple of rides where I needed directions. I set my 660 to bicycle mode, set the route and put it in my pocket and listen to the directions. "ride 500 feet and turn" on such and such. Worked like a charm.

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Absolutely! I use my 660 the same as you on both my recumbent bike and my Segway. When I went to Circuit City to look at GPS's the first time, I tried the bicycle mode and did a simulated route from the store to my house. I thought it was making a bad turn, but it showed me a route I didn't know existed. That was it; I was hooked.

There is a guy in my cycling club who routinely supplies Garmin route files for the weekly rides, but I can't take advantage. Sure wish the 660 could use routes.

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Great idea

I never thought about that! I often get myself lost (which is half the fun smile) but there are times when getting from point A to point B in as short a time as possible is needed and I think this is an excellent idea - especially if it starts raining and all you want to do is get home and dry off. I would have concerns about dampness getting into the unit from sweating, rain, etc. and damage that could result if you would come off the bike.

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Yes... use Etrex Vista as a cyclecomputer

On road bike... Capture tracks and plan training rides via routes.

also check out the AllSport GPS Web Site at ...

Can share and find bike routes for you GPS or phone.


Too soon

Here in Wisconsin, we still have feets of snow on the ground and forcast today of more coming. Almanac says we will get 30" more before season is over here...

So thinking about pedaling is a bit too soon. But... I am going to try to do 700 miles this year... and may try to go to the GOBA in Ohio (a century ride). If I do, I will definitely take Nuvi along... just to have someone talk in a demeaning way to me and chastize me just because they have to "REEEE -caluculating". lol

Now... I wonder what "Jill" would say if I asked her to help pedal....