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I did a topic search and didn't find much info on Blackberry with gps from people that actually use this device. Although I've just recently purchased my nuvi 660, I'm considering an AIO solution as I've realised I now have an additional device to hang off my belt or try to stuff in a pocket if I don't want to leave the 660 in my vehicle. Any user opinions on the Blackberry gps? Thanks

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One option

I don't know if this applies to what you are looking for but I installed Google Maps on my BB, it uses the cell towers for where you are and triangulates your position and puts a blue dot on the map (or satellite view) to show you where you are, you can then do a Google search for whatever in your area.
I think it's cool but has limits, you must have service... I have never tried it out of the city.

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I have a Blckberry 8830

And the GPS works pretty good with Google uses it's internal GPS...but if for some reason that does not work, it will triangulate from cell towers, but that is not accurate at all - to within 1700 meters.

The Blackberry depends highly on a fast network connection (EVDO) for the maps to update and you will need an unlimited data plan with your BB...I've found that after having a Nuvi, there's no comparison.

If you don't want to tote the Nuvi when not in the car...get some sort of little gadget storage box and trunk it...or under the seat in the car, and get a BB for it's email & phone abilities, and keep using the Nuvi for navigation.

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gps treo experience

I have a BB now but i used gps on my treo, my problem was always an important phone call came in during a critial navigation event.

My reccomendation is keep the BB doing what it does best and use a seperate GPS.

With an external Bluetooth

With an external Bluetooth GPS, the Blackberry works pretty good. The satellite images on Google maps are fun to play with. A dedicated GPS is much more responsive though.

But the Blackberry has saved me in a pinch and it also is great for showing people where to go instead of saying, go three blocks and turn left. I just whip out the BB and load up Google Maps


Thanks for the comments. I didn't realise you had to have a data plan for the gps to work. I don't want to pay for a data plan currently as I don't text, download, or sent pic's etc. (I'm retired and do limited traveling) but I do want to have the options in a new phone in case my situation should change during the 2 year contract. I currently have a pda, cell phone, and now my 660. Figured I could combine the pda functions with a new cell phone and was hoping the gps function was comparable to a dedicated unit, sadly not so according to your comments. I use AT&T service and am limited to the phones they offer but the blackberry with gps looks good and has all the options should I decide to use them. Now just have to see if they require a data plan to use the phone smile

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External Bluetooth GPS?

Iagemini, you mentioned "With an external Bluetooth GPS, the Blackberry works pretty good." Are you saying I could use my nuvi 660 which has bluetooth with a blackberry for enhanced navigating on the BB in some fashion? Thanks

Garmin Nuvi 660 & Garmin 18 USB GPS..I'm here..somewhere

Verizon and Blackberry sucks

I was testing out a Blackberry 8830 from Verizon. Signed up for their VZ Navigator service. Maps grossly out of date. Figured, of, I'll fill in with Google Maps when that happens. NOT. The Verizon GPS is "carrier assisted", which means it will only work with their software.

I returned the phone.

Also tested an ATT Tilt. It's gps did work with Google Maps, and I don't THINK that it needed carrier assist. And the ATT navigator software had better maps at least.

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ATT and data plans

They don't require a data plan to use the phone. You'd have to check to see if you needed a data plan to use their gps. I don't think they require the data plan for that.

However, you will need a data plan to access Google Maps.

I decided not to go the route of an all in one phone/pda/gps because of the monthly expense.

Now I have a pay-as-you-go phone, with limited data access (and I could text to google or yahoo to get addresses, etc), a nuvi 360 gps, and very limited pda on the phone.

the Tilt is a good phone, but I can't justify $80/mo for voice/data.

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Zydeholic. I agree, much too expensive for all the options once you add up voice/data/family plan. It's tough maintaining my "gadget freak" title on a pension smile

Garmin Nuvi 660 & Garmin 18 USB GPS..I'm here..somewhere


Get you an etch-a-sketch, duct tape it to the top of an Underwood typewriter, duct tape a compass on there. You're good to go! wink

a bullhorn would probably help too.

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