POI Files being made from the trucks stops


Does anyone know how these poi files will work that the truck stop web sites are posting they are .csv or .xls or.txt Everything is in the wrong place in the files Please download one of them and look at it here is the link


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Just move the Excel columns

It's pretty easy to move the Excel columns to the position that you need them. And it's easy to delete entire columns that your GPS doesn't support.

Not all GPS units use the same column layout, so some editing will probably be necessary with any such file before you can import it into your GPS.

Looking over the web site,

Looking over the web site, there is nothing that states the downloadable files are to be used for or with a GPSr. The web master added the edition of having a list of location that the user can use in any form. You can use it as a simple list or edit it to be used with a GPSr if you have the knowledge. The added addition of Latitude and Longitude is a nice bonus.

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looking over the web site

OK Thanks I Kinda figured that is what was going to have to be done Thanks For the reply BEST REGUARDS

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T America Moves By Truck