Line breaks?


What are line breaks? I've only been downloading POI's for a couple of months and never had to decide between ones with or without line breaks. What kind are the others (like fuel and campgrounds) I've been downloading?

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Line breaks

Line breaks allow data from a field to appear on several lines, rather than just one, on your GPS navigator's screen.

Without line breaks, for example, the data in the 4th column of a csv file might look like this on your GPS screen:

123 Main St Anytown OH 67890 (123) 555-1212

If you create line breaks in that same field, however, the same data could appear on your GPS screen like this:

123 Main St
Anytown OH 67890
(123) 555-1212

So how do you make those line breaks happen? Do a search on "line breaks" using this site's Search box, and you will find lots of helpful hints. If you're lucky, the common methods will work with your unit. With my unit, however (a nuvi 250W), it took some experimenting before I could get the lines to break cleanly. Based on that experience, I don't know that I could tell you definitively what would work on your particular unit. But there is a wealth of how-to data on this Web site. One of those methods will work for you.

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Got it

Thanks, same vocab as word processing. I asked this question as part of the Hot Dog POI which offers both options. I guess I'll try it with line breaks.

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