Contributors of the week 2008-02-04


This week we are recognizing Perrdom, WW4cash and Dryheat3.

Perrdom, This week you systematically went through all of your files and submitted GPX files as an additional option to go along with the CSV ones. I know that you put in a couple of 8 hours shifts this week at the factory. You tackled some pretty huge projects. We now have complete files for Toyota, Value Village, Quizno's, Denny's and updated Costco files.

ww4cash, You have been plugging away on some interesting National park files. These types of files help make us a unique and interesting place to keep coming back to.

Dryheat3, You made a Youtube video this week that had a POI Factory plug at the end. I would love to see more of these types of promotional videos on youtube.

Another great week guys and gals.

Miss POI

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Congratulations to all! Heading over to see the Youtube video.

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To all, job well done.

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Just wanted to thank all of the COW for their contributions.

Great job guys! Thank you

Great job guys! Thank you for your contribution of POI Files.

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Keep on plotting folks...

So to speak......

Congrats to all

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Congratulations to all!! Well done!

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Congratulations to all this weeks COW's!!


Congrats All

Thanks and congrats!

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Does the COW award come in

Does the COW award come in two flavors? Chocolate and Vanilla?! (LOL) JUST KIDDING!! Really, thanks you folks for the great work you do, it really makes the whole GPS experience much more fun and easy for both the novice and pro.

Thanks Again!!


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Congrats to all!!!

Thanks for all the continuing hard work that makes this site so great.