Vista (problems updating GPS software)


I used my Desktop(XP) to update my software for my GPS last year.
My notebook is Windows VISTA.I used it to update my friends C330.It was a no go.Said"The Garmin is having trouble updating,make sure it is plugged in,and on".Been there done that.
I know how too do it,and the Notebook has the latest USB drivers.I hooked mine up to the Notebook it said the same thing even though my GPS already has the 5.70 software.
I hooked mine up at home just now to the desktop and I had a choice to overwrite it because it said I have the latest software.So it has to be the Driver from Garmin or darn Vista?
Anyone else have this happened?Thanks

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It is not

uncommon for Vista to refuse to run software that works with XP.

Garmin c530, Garmin eTrex, Garmin Nuvi 1390

I'll have to contact Garmin.

I'll have to contact Garmin. Thanks

I have had no problem

I have had no problem updating my 750 or my Forerunner 205 wth Vista

It only would happen to

It only would happen to me.Thanks

USB drivers?

I have both a new laptop and a Desktop with any one time it seems I loose some of the external hard drives and card readers...It seems to have no pattern as to why? I just keep updating VISTA and hoping it gets fixed...It took me a few times to get the NUVI to be recognized and loaded...I am glad (and sad) to hear others are seeing some of this quarky behavior!

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There is no problems of

There is no problems of using the Notebook with the Vista when I put in POI's.It is with the GPS Software update to 5.70 on my friends GPU.Oh well no biggie,I have the good trusty XP.
Some day when I have the time and patients I'll work on it to find out why the Vista won't work for the Update software for the GPS.
My XP has no problems with updating it.Thanks

worked for me

I just installed POILoader and webupdater on my Vista desktop and both worked fine. Just re-updated my POI files and it seems to have taken.

Garmin Support has been

Garmin Support has been working with me on and off for the passed week.
I think we found my problem,it's the USB.
Garmin said if my USB controller is called OpenHCD USB controller which it is. Then Garmin Support said it may not support the Garmin GPS when plugged in.
Funny thing is I have been running the Update file 10 times or more and a now go.When I called Garmin and I had my Garmin plugged in,and I clicked on the 5.70 file that I have saved,and bam!it reconized the Garmin.It said I all ready have the latest up date,do you wish to overwrite it or cancel.I canceled because I do have the 5.70.This was just a test.Then I clicked the update exe. again and it gave me the Notice that can't find GPS.Garmin and I did it several times.Strange.
Well Garmin had me look in several places in the notebook,we been there done everything.I told him lets throw in the towel because I have 2 XP desktops which have no problems.
The Notebook does reconize the Garmin plugged in,the ID is the and the Model when I bring up the 5.70 exc.I have no problems Putting in the POI's from the Notebook.Oh well such is life.Oh yes,eveything is up to date from Device Management,Chip set,USB so on.