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Hi I am new to this group and i noticed the post about a person interested in motorcycle routes. Is it possible to actually record a route using a poi where the users would be directed to go with the POI?


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I'm not sure what you mean

I'm not sure what you mean by "where the users would be directed to go with the POI" but on some GPS units you can record a track. On my Mio, it has a track log feature where you can drive a route and record where you've been and save that log. I use it on the lake that I live on to record routes to/from my dock and restaurants on the lake for navigating at night.

I checked out most of the newer models and most GPS manufacturers have taken out the "track log" feature so not sure you can 'record' a route that way.

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I might add the recorded

I might add the recorded route on the Mio, while it can be saved and redisplayed at a later time, can not be used to provide automated guidance (i.e, voice or screen prompts) or modified by adding waypoints. You can however manually follow it by matching your currently displayed GPS position to the route's path.

How about a collection of

How about a collection of POIs, (waypoints), numbered sequentially? My eEap can actually record or follow a route but my C340 cannot. However, it could go from waypoint to waypoint manually.


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I guess what i am thnking is wouldnt it be great if the POI format allowed you to list waypoints in sequential order so that I could make a poi file providing a tour of SF for example, or a motorcycle group could detail their sunday morning ride plan with a list of poi's in sequential order of where they will stop.

In this way downloading a poi file could be something for a person to do this weekend...i think i will take a winery tour based on the poi file i found this weekend...etc...

Is this at all possible?

well that would depend on

well that would depend on your gps setup for one.

one easy way to do it, would be whenever you get to a
turn, you stop, and at that stop name it in alphabetical order (or numerical, but alphabetical is easier on some gps' as you don't have to hit an extra key to get to the numeral screen), so name it a letter and follow it by direcion.

lik this:

so it would be like turn 1 is named A, and the letter L is to tell you to turn left.

with my garmin you would have to manually go through your favorites and reroute to a new destination each turn, could be annoying.

with MS streets and trips, you can have it set to follow the route...

so it depends on your GPS setup really.

also with some GPS, it will automatically log your
route.. others wont. Soo.. that's something you ned
to look into if tha's a feature you want.

zumo / handhelds

I notice the zumo page at mentions that it has a saved routes feature. It also seems to be pretty common on handheld models.


how about

If I understand the question correctly, if someone wanted to make a route of say, San Francisco, in a POI format - or a tour of poi's so to speak.
That, of course is possible. Each place you wanted to visit would be listed as a separate poi, when you reached the first one, then select the next one then "go". You could group them together however you wanted. Example:
you could have "SF Famous Places Tour" then within that you would have your poi's listed as perhaps - "Chinatown", another might be "Fisherman's Wharf", or, "Ghirardelli Square" etc, etc. You could have a "SF Vineyard Tour" and within that would be the particular vineyards, or vino related places to visit, with each being listed as a separate poi.

You could probably set something up using the Garmin TourGuide feature as well.

As far as a recorded route, not sure exactly what you're looking for there.

Then again, maybe I just didn't quite understand the question.

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