$20 traffic receiver


My local TV news just showed a demo of a $20 traffic receiver/display that was interesting. Buy it for $20, monthly subscription is $10. Only available in 4 cities at this point. Interesting product and technology, though!



I have nothing against Traffic Guage. I own one. I got it before I got my GPS. It is a good back-up device. But if you follow the link to the article, read the tab on the link marked "the competition." It is filled with half-truths about GPS and traffic reception.

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Not a competitor to GPSr traffic services

There is a CNET.com review at:

Its lack of information about the delays seems to be a big shortcoming in addition to its limitation to freeway traffic reports. You see a blinking line but there is no other information to tell you what the problem is.

Knowing the cause of the problem, whether it is worth taking a detour, and guiding you on that detour seem to me to be more valuable than just knowing the freeway ahead will be slow. Also, GPS traffic will warn you if you are approaching a problem. With the TrafficGauge you would have to keep looking at the map as you drive.

It looks like the TrafficGauge has a market, but it also looks like you get what you pay for.

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Four cities only?

Looks like it is available for four cities only.
Chicago, San Francisco, LA and Seatle.


I only said it was interesting

My post was not intended as an endorsement of the product nor a condemnation of our GPSr and traffic receiver technology. I merely said it was interesting.

Personally, what I found more useful - to me - was their free web service. Plug the following URL into a web-enabled mobile device to get the same screen on your phone. Try the following link on computer or web-enabled cell phone:
Substitute "LosAngeles" text in the string for another supported city. Works via computer or web-enabled cell phone. Not a whole lot of data, but for free who can complain? grin
While they only have handhelds for 4 cities, their web service covers quite a few more.

houston transtar

In houston there is a free website available for both a computer and moile version that shows traffic and more. shows real time traffic cameras, accidents, construction rain totals and more. here is the link:



Google Maps also shows up to date traffic reports of most major cities in the US.