is there any way to select just the POIs I want to download?


I recently managed to download POIs for Canada but there are thousands in there that I just don't want. Is there a way of editing with the POI file before I download?

Selecting POIs

If you want to add only a selected group of POIs to your GPS, you could create a new file by opening the .csv file in excel and then delete the rows that you aren't interested in. Then save the file with a new name as a .csv file. Of course this means that you would need to know which ones to save, either by a description in the file or by identifying the long/lat.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource


Hi shebala1 --

I'm working on adding the ability to select an area for download, but it's not ready yet. Send me a note via the contact form with more details and I may be able to help.