Now it is Connecticuts turn


CT Gov. Rell wants speed cameras up on state hiways. Another reason to leave this state.

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It can be a twisted way

There are cameras on the fwy in Scottsdale. The camera flashes at 10-11 mph over posted speed.

Drive in the inner (left) lane at 5-8 mph over the posted speed. Within seconds there will be someone closely tailgating you. At 1500 ft before the camera, move right SLOWLY...As the impatient tailgater shoots around you, laugh, point to the left lane at the speeding car, and enjoy the flash. has its little rewards!

Not that the cameras would do much good

As I'm originally from the New Haven area, and (reluctantly and infrequently) visit up there. From what I've seen, the cameras won't do much good. How often are you gonna get tagged doing 35 - 45 in a 55 zone as you crawl along in the increasingly frustrating traffic on I95 or Rt 15.

I guess I91 and I84/86 have some areas where one could stretch his/her legs and get on up there, but along the southern tier - no way.

I know that the radar traffic monitors they have all along 95 cause my bird dog to go off constantly. Another X-band emitter to deal with.

Good luck up there...