Fedex Kinko's?


anyone has a Fedex Kinko's POI for the garmin? can't seem to find that in the C530 anyware. thanks for all of your help.

Here's one for $1

Not that it helps

Not that it helps, but i work at a fedexkinkos. You could make one by going to and using the location finder with your zip code and then using the address to make a poi file. Just be warned that the poi that you can buy for a dollar might not include all the kinkos. Ever since fedex bought kinkos there have been many that have popped up everywhere....esp in GA. Fedex is opening, in many places, what are called compact cars which are smaller versions of the 24hr fedexkinkos that are around now. These places are not 24/7 place and they don't offer all the same things (even though they can do anything a normal fedexkinkos does, they have to send out for certain things).

I found one online and will

I found one online and will post upload it.

post it

still waiting please post


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Still waiting for the

Still waiting for the update! Thx!


From what I see, the poster, Eugd hasn't been around for awhile and his post in regards to Fedex Kinko's is dated 2007. Don't hold your breathe waiting for the file. smile

Kinkos is located here at this node.

Hasn't been updated in a while.

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Thank you, walleye1

Thank you, walleye1 smile