Contributors of the week 2008-01-28


This week we are recognizing Aarrggh, DRMCMTR, Scott K and Space for the Poppa as our contributors of the week.

Aarrggh, your contribution this week of the custom vehicles icon FAQ thread was something that I have been wanting on the site for weeks now, thanks so much for showing us all how to make it happen.

DRMCMTR, You have been busy all week going through some of the very first files that were put up on the site and you have been reforming the ones that needed help. This was a huge chore and I am so happy that you just went about making it happen. It really showed me how much we have advanced in the last year.

Scott K, I never expected anyone to try to tackle some of the more difficult chains that have thousands upon thousands of locations. This week you produced an improvement to the Dunkin Donuts file and a new Wendy's file. I am really impressed by how much time and effort you put into these projects. I am glad that we could provide you with a new hobby.

Space for the Poppa, I know that I am probably not the only person that will drive out of my way to get gas at Costco, thanks for making the individual state files.

Great work everyone!!!

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Good job

Wow! 4 COW awards. Congratulations to all. Well done!

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Congrats to all.

WOW, we will need a bigger barn to accommodate all these "COWS".

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Congrats to you. Keep up the fine work!

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Thank You ...

It's been a good day ... first, I cashed in a winning mega-million ticket ($7), and now this!

Good news comes in threes - I am on my way to AC! But first I gotta stop for gas ... smile

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Congrats to all...creating and/correcting POIs, is a chore indeed.... a lot of hard work. By your diligent and creative work, you make this site one of the best sites on the net!

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Congrats to you. for a job well done

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well done

Nice to see how many contribute to make this site #1

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i'd like to thank the academy

for this thread!

now i'm all verklempt!

talk amongst yourselves ...

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smile Aarrggh, DRMCMTR, Scott K and Space Congrads to a nice job well done

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Contributors of the week 01-25-08

Congrats for a job well done

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Kind of strange saying

Kind of strange saying "Thank you" to someone who just called me a COW grin.

Just tring to do my part to this Great site.

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Congrats All!

Congrats to all of this week's Cows. You definitely have helped us all.

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Thanks for Costco Gas

That is a great POI....I can't wait to load it...


each week this site keeps

each week this site keeps getting better and better. Congrats to all.