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I'm new to the forum.

Could someone tell where/what to look for the serial number of the Zumo 550. I've had the chance to try the unit out for a few hours. I love it so far. I'd like to register it, but I can't locate the S/N.


I'm not familiar with the

I'm not familiar with the Zumo but on my Nuvi the S/N is located on the back of the unit under the antenna. Maybe yours is located around the same area?

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I don't have a zumo, I do have a c550 and besides the usual places, which I'm sure you have looked at. I also had a sticker on the outside of the box the unit came in. I just double checked and it is in fact the serial number on the sticker. If there is no reference in the user's manual as to the location of the serial #, and there is no serial number on the unit, maybe you should call or email Garmin to find out where they put it. Let us know where ya find it would ya?

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The serial number is on the

The serial number is on the yellow piece of paper that came with the Mapsource unlock code on it. It is also on the unit under the bottom flap. White strip with a number and a barcode, right by the SD card slot.

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Thanks for the reply!

Thanks woodbutcher! These old eyes missed it on the yellow paper. Looking foward to working/learning with you guys.

Serial number is on the

Serial number is on the yellow slip that came in the box