North Richland Hills, Tx. cameras


Today through the mail, I received this notice from the City of North Richland Hills with my water bill:

The City Council approved an agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems for the installation, operation and maintenance of Red Light Automated Traffic Signal Enforcement System.

This system will include placement of our community. {It goes on to say}...a $75.00 ticket will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle. The first 4 cameras are expected to be operationalby April 2007. Additional cameras will be added in the future.

It does not say "where" these first 4 cameras will be located. Stay tuned and the exact locations will be posted here soon by POI Factory, I'm sure.


I have two camera locations in the database for North Richland Hills and one for Richland Hills. I am looking forward to finding out where the missing puzzle piece will go.

Thanks John for keeping us updated on your city:)

Miss Poi